Building capacity in cyberlearning around youth and data science

Some time ago, without us really noticing, some amazing colleagues and I were awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation Cyberlearning program to bring together some great minds to figure out new frameworks for connecting youth and data science with today's rapidly changing technology infrastructure. Short version: We think that youth are going to benefit from learning with and about data, but we need some updating of our ideas about what that will look like. It looks to be an exciting new opportunity and an excuse for me to work with really sharp people. What is especially cool about this is that the idea from this came from a roundtable brainstorm involving the four of us at a Cyberlearning meeting that was intended to foster collaborations and address needs in the emerging space of cyberlearning. Going to those meetings and putting heads together paid off!

Okay, back to what I was doing, which was probably some sort of work-related writing.