Upcoming courses (Fall 2017) include the following:

  • Technology Integration and Innovation in Education - An undergraduate course for pre-service teachers exploring a range of technologies and how to optimally integrate technology into lessons

Past courses include:

  • Learning Theory - An introductory course on behaviorist, cognitive, and sociocultural perspectives on learning with an eye toward implications for the design of learning environments and learning technologies.
  • Small Technologies - A seminar on small, mobile, and pervasive technologies that impact the ways in which we interact with, document, and learn about the world around us.
  • Performance Systems - An instructional technology course that considers how performance can be improved in work settings, but done with the instructor's intentional emphasis on techniques and theoretical frameworks that consider performance to be the product of complex cognitive and sociotechnical systems.
  • Research in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences - A required course for doctoral students that emphasized current trends in educational research including learning analytics, learning in and out of schools, online learning, and design-based research.
  • Qualitative Research Methods - A doctoral level course that introduces common techniques and epistemologies associated with qualitative research in education.
  • Embodiment, Communication, and Technology - A graduate seminar that covers foundational perspectives related to embodied cognition, gesture, interaction, body-based technology interfaces.