Beginning a blog, or the beginning, middle, and end of a false start.

Does the world need a blog from me? Probably not. But this site, which I have created so as to make sure that I have an enduring web presence (because my university is like most others and changes web platforms about every 18 months and makes content cumbersome to change) seems blog-appropriate. So, ta-da! Here is a blog.

I can't promise it will be updated regularly, and I can't promise that it will be very interesting. It will tend toward the professional side and focus on academia, education, and technology. My goal is to put out "interesting" stuff, and maybe someone will read it. At the very least, some spam-bot will find it and email me with offers of analytics services or invites to conferences that don't really exist. And maybe some people will start trolling me, making me think I must have made it big. Or it will just occupy unviewed bits of cyberspace and eventually disappear when I forget to renew the domain name, which will inevitably happen in the future.